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Last Updated: August 13, 2015
Author Last Name Author First Name Topic Paper Title Paper ID Day Paper Session Number Start Time Abstract
CrandallDavidKeynote USThe Quest for Laboratory Inertial Fusion Burn in the USMoMo.K.18:30
BréchetYvesKeynote EuropeWill Fusion be Ready to Meet the Energy Challenge for the 21st Century?MoMo.K.29:10
OgawaYuichiKeynote AsiaFusion Studies in JapanMoMo.K.39:50
HurricaneOmarCentral Ignition Target PhysicsOverview of Progress and Future Prospects in Indirect Drive Implosions on the National Ignition Facility137MoMo.P.111:00
AzechiHiroshiAlternative Target Physics (Fast Ignition, Shock Ignition, etc.)The Status of Fast Ignition Realization Experiment (FIREX) and Prospect to Inertial Fusion Energy293MoMo.P.211:30
PatelPraveshCentral Ignition Target PhysicsFuel Energy Balance in Layered Implosions on the NIF475MoMo.O.1.113:30
TiptonRobertCentral Ignition Target PhysicsGeneralized Lawson Criteria for Inertial Confinement Fusion222MoMo.O.1.213:50
ClarkDanielCentral Ignition Target PhysicsProgress in Detailed Modeling of Low Foot and High Foot DT Implosion Experiments on the National Ignition Facility255MoMo.O.1.314:10
FieldJohnCentral Ignition Target PhysicsA Survey of the Effect of Convergence Ratio with Low-Mode Drive Asymmetry on ICF Implosions254MoMo.O.1.414:30
RemingtonBruceLaboratory AstrophysicsFrontiers in Discovery Science on NIF286MoMo.O.2.113:30
ManciniRobertoLaboratory AstrophysicsSpectral Line Shapes for Iron Opacity at Solar Interior Conditions428MoMo.O.2.213:50
HuntingtonChanningLaboratory AstrophysicsRayleigh Taylor Growth at an Embedded Interface Driven by a Radiative Shock458MoMo.O.2.314:10
d`HumièresEmmanuelLaboratory AstrophysicsCollisionless Plasma Magnetization in Laboratory - Astrophysical Studies314MoMo.O.2.414:30
KodamaRyosukeStrong Field Science and ApplicationsHigh Energy Density Science with High Power Laser and XFEL in Japan480MoMo.O.3.113:30
FernandezJuanStrong Field Science and ApplicationsDemonstrated Efficient Laser-Driven Ion Beams with Narrow Energy Spread Using Giant Self-Generated Plasma Fields242MoMo.O.3.213:50
AlbrightBrianStrong Field Science and ApplicationsUse of Laser-Generated Ion Beams for Isochoric Heating to Study Plasma Mix at Interfaces429MoMo.O.3.314:10
YogoAkifumiStrong Field Science and ApplicationsIon Acceleration with High-Contrast, Kilojoule, Picosecond Laser Pulses on LFEX313MoMo.O.3.414:30
BenedettiLaura RobinCentral Ignition Target PhysicsEffect of Convergence on Implosion Symmetries and Yields368MoMo.Po.114:50
ChenHuiCentral Ignition Target PhysicsMeasurement of the Hot Spot Electron Temperature in an ICF Implosion by High-Z Dopant X-Ray Spectroscopy454MoMo.Po.214:50
ChengBaolianCentral Ignition Target PhysicsAnalysis of NIF Experiments with the Minimal Energy Implosion Model136MoMo.Po.314:50
DittrichThomasCentral Ignition Target PhysicsSimulations of Fill Tube Effects on the Implosion of High-Foot NIF Ignition Capsules241MoMo.Po.414:50
GaffneyJimCentral Ignition Target PhysicsThermodynamic Simulations of Shape Effects on Stagnating Inertial Confinement Fusion Capsules176MoMo.Po.514:50
GarbettWarrenCentral Ignition Target PhysicsThe First Capsule Implosion Experiments on Orion302MoMo.Po.614:50
HoDarwinCentral Ignition Target PhysicsPhysics and Designs of Ignition Capsules Using High-Density Carbon (HDC) Ablators: Robust Designs, Stability, Picketed Pulses, Shock Merges, and Ignition Conditions196MoMo.Po.714:50
KhanShahabCentral Ignition Target PhysicsDevelopment of a Predictive and Symmetric Implosion Platform Using a 2-Shock 1MJ Pulse in a Near Vacuum Hohlraum221MoMo.Po.814:50
KuchugovPavel A.Central Ignition Target PhysicsThe Direct Drive Target for a Laser Pulse of a Megajoule Scale239MoMo.Po.914:50
MontgomeryDavidCentral Ignition Target PhysicsPlans for Double Shell Capsule Experiments on NIF463MoMo.Po.1114:50
PikeOliverCentral Ignition Target PhysicsNon-Gaussian Cumulative Scattering in an Inertial Confinement Fusion Plasma426MoMo.Po.1214:50
RinderknechtHansCentral Ignition Target PhysicsTime Evolution of Areal-Density in Subscale Near-Vacuum Hohlraum Implosions at the NIF346MoMo.Po.1314:50
SchmittAndrewCentral Ignition Target PhysicsHot Spot Formation and Stagnation Properties in Simulations of Direct Drive Implosions436MoMo.Po.1414:50
SimakovAndreiCentral Ignition Target PhysicsHigh-Foot NIF Beryllium Targets with 6.72-mm Cylindrical Hohlraums with Low Gas Fill257MoMo.Po.1514:50
SpearsBrianCentral Ignition Target PhysicsMeasurements of Stagnation Conditions in NIF Implosions: Reproducibility and Intentional Asymmetry471MoMo.Po.1614:50
TaitanoWilliamCentral Ignition Target PhysicsIFP: An Optimal, Fully Implicit, Fully Conservative, 1D2V Vlasov-Rosenbluth-Fokker-Planck Code for ICF Capsule Implosion Simulations383MoMo.Po.1714:50
YakhinRafaelCentral Ignition Target PhysicsInfluence of Irradiation and Target Compression Unsimmetry to Decreasing of Neutron Yeald Reaction for Laser Puls of 2 Megajoule Scale323MoMo.Po.1914:50
YinLinCentral Ignition Target PhysicsPlasma Kinetic Effects on Interfacial Mix in Settings Relevant to Inertial Confinement Fusion and Laboratory Experiments351MoMo.Po.2014:50
DavoineXavierStrong Field Science and ApplicationsSimulation of a Betatron Source Generated with the PETAL Laser320MoMo.Po.2114:50
KamiyamaDaikiStrong Field Science and ApplicationsControllable Laser Ion Beam Generation161MoMo.Po.2314:50
KawahitoDaikiStrong Field Science and ApplicationsIonization and Acceleration of Heavy Ions in High-Z Solid Target Irradiated by High Intensity Laser339MoMo.Po.2414:50
LiYutongStrong Field Science and ApplicationsPowerful Terahertz Pulses from Relativistic Laser-Produced Plasmas111MoMo.Po.2514:50
MishraRohiniStrong Field Science and ApplicationsProton Acceleration in the Interaction of High Power Laser and Cryogenic Hydrogen Targets422MoMo.Po.2714:50
MurakamiMasaStrong Field Science and ApplicationsProton Beam Generation with Nanotube Accelerator Driven by Ultra-Intense Ultra-Short Laser284MoMo.Po.2814:50
Ondarza-RoviraRicardoStrong Field Science and ApplicationsRadiation Emission from Ultra-Relativistic Plasma Electrons in Short-Pulse Laser Light Interactions354MoMo.Po.2914:50
PoolePatrickStrong Field Science and ApplicationsVariable Thickness Liquid Crystal Thin Film Targets for Optimized Laser Plasma Interaction451MoMo.Po.3014:50
TanakaNozomiStrong Field Science and ApplicationsPlasma Expansion from Material Ablation by Intense Laser Driven Extreme Ultraviolet Light347MoMo.Po.3214:50
ZhangXiaomeiStrong Field Science and ApplicationsBetatron Radiation in Wakefields by Laser and in Astrophysics473MoMo.Po.3414:50
ConsoliFabrizioLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsDescription of the Electromagnetic Pulses Produced by Nansecond Laser-Plasma Interaction in the ABC Laser by Conductive and Dielectric Probes319MoMo.Po.3714:50
De AngelisRiccardoLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsAbsorption and Ablation Properties of the Porous Targets Irradiated by ABC Laser249MoMo.Po.3914:50
EdwardsMatthewLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsStimulated Raman and Brillouin Scattering in the Electron-Position Plasma Limit363MoMo.Po.4014:50
GuptaDevki NandanLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsLaser Propagation Under Stimulated Raman Instability in a Plasma with Hot Drifting Electrons261MoMo.Po.4114:50
HataMasayasuLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsStudy of Fast Electron Generation Using Multi Beam of LFEX Petawatt Laser310MoMo.Po.4214:50
HayashiYoshiakiLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsElectron Transport in the Background Plasma with Steep Density Gradient245MoMo.Po.4314:50
KimJoohwanLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsComputational Study of Intense Proton Beam Transport and Target Heating to Warm Dense Matter States411MoMo.Po.4414:50
KinghamRobertLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsThe Influence of Magnetized Electron Transport on Thermal Self-Focusing and Channeling of Nanosecond Laser Beams288MoMo.Po.4514:50
KunduMrityunjayLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsAnomalous Inverse Bremsstrahlung Heating of Laser-Driven Plasmas125MoMo.Po.4614:50
NagayamaTaisukeLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsOMEGA-EP Laser Experiments for MagLIF Laser-Preheat Investigation364MoMo.Po.4814:50
PeeblesJonathanLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsPre-Plasma Impact Studies on Fast Electron Generation with the High-Intensity Titan Laser434MoMo.Po.5014:50
RongqingYiLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsHot-Electron Generation by Laser-Plasma Interactions in UN Hohlraums211MoMo.Po.5114:50
SolovievAlexanderLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsCoupling Between Closely Spaced Codirectional High-Power Laser Filaments in Magnetized Plasmas460MoMo.Po.5314:50
Di NicolaJean MichelShort Pulse Laser Facilities/TechnologyLaser Performance Modeling of the Advanced Radiographic Capability Laser System402MoMo.Po.5514:50
HillierDavidShort Pulse Laser Facilities/TechnologyContrast Enhancements to the CPA Beamlines of the Orion Laser Facility287MoMo.Po.5614:50
KonAkiraShort Pulse Laser Facilities/TechnologyHigh Dynamic Range Multi-Channel Cross-Correlator for Single Shot Temporal Contrast Measurement195MoMo.Po.5714:50
CraneJohnHigh Energy Laser Technology and Ignition FacilitiesPreliminary Measurements of Performance of NIF Beamlines for Future Experiments to Support Polar Direct Drive282MoMo.Po.5914:50
GaoYanqiHigh Energy Laser Technology and Ignition FacilitiesThe Beam Quality and Output Ability Improvement of the High Power Laser Facility110MoMo.Po.6014:50
KesslerTerranceHigh Energy Laser Technology and Ignition FacilitiesFocal-Spot Zooming Using Radial Diffusion and Dispersion113MoMo.Po.6114:50
KongHong JinHigh Energy Laser Technology and Ignition FacilitiesCurrent Status of Kumgang Laser Toward a IFE Laser Driver304MoMo.Po.6214:50
KoscTanyaHigh Energy Laser Technology and Ignition FacilitiesThe Multiple-Pulse Driver Line on the OMEGA Laser204MoMo.Po.6314:50
LiuYanqingHigh Energy Laser Technology and Ignition FacilitiesRapid Growth and Optical Properties of ADP Crystals149MoMo.Po.6414:50
MarozasJohnHigh Energy Laser Technology and Ignition FacilitiesContinuous Distributed Phase Plate Design Advances for High-Energy Laser Systems165MoMo.Po.6514:50
NuernbergFrankHigh Energy Laser Technology and Ignition FacilitiesBulk Damage and Absorption in Fused Silica Due to High-Power Laser Application107MoMo.Po.6614:50
YuanXiaodongHigh Energy Laser Technology and Ignition FacilitiesProgress on Key Technologies to Improve the Damage Resistance Capability of High Power Solid-State Laser Facilities403MoMo.Po.6714:50
ZuegelJonathanHigh Energy Laser Technology and Ignition FacilitiesLaser Science and Technology Progress Toward Polar Direct Drive at the National Ignition Facility127MoMo.Po.6814:50
ZweibackJasonHigh Energy Laser Technology and Ignition Facilities100 J UV Laser for the Dynamic Compression Sector203MoMo.Po.6914:50
KikuchiTakashiHeavy Ion Beam DriversNumerical Analysis Corresponding with Experiment in Compact Beam Simulator for Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion Driver329MoMo.Po.7014:50
SatoTomohiroHeavy Ion Beam DriversNumerical Analysis of Applied Magnetic Field Dependence in Malmberg-Penning Trap for Compact Simulataor of Energy Driver in Heavy Ion Fusion318MoMo.Po.7114:50
TakahashiKazumasaHeavy Ion Beam DriversAblation Plasma Transport Using Multicusp Magnetic Field for Laser Ion Source413MoMo.Po.7214:50
KaikanovMaratZ-Pinches and Pulsed PowerAn Accelerator Facility for WDM, HEDP and HIF Investigations379MoMo.Po.7314:50
NingChengZ-Pinches and Pulsed PowerThe Physical Pictures and Energy Conversions of Rarefied Deterium Plasma Shell Z-Pinch Under its Fluid and Particle Descriptions215MoMo.Po.7514:50
SmalyukVladimirImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesReview of the Capsule Ignition Science Campaign on NIF279MoMo.O.4.116:40
CaseyDanielImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesTechniques for Reduced Richtmyer-Meshkov and Rayleigh-Taylor Growth Demonstrated with the Hydrodynamic Growth Radiography Platform at NIF462MoMo.O.4.217:00
WeberChrisImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesHydrodynamic Instability Measurements in DT-Layered ICF Capsules Using the Layered Hydro-Growth Radiography Platform281MoMo.O.4.317:20
PickworthLouisaImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesMeasurement of Inflight Shell Areal Density Near Peak Velocity Using a Self Backlighting Technique227MoMo.O.4.417:40
HoffmannDieter H.H.Laser and Beam Plasma InteractionsHigh Energy Density Physics Related to Inertial Fusion with Intense Ion- and Laser Beams at GSI and FAIR in Darmstadt299MoMo.O.5.116:40
GeisselMatthiasLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsLaser-Fuel Coupling Studies for MagLIF with Z-Beamlet156MoMo.O.5.217:00
Harvey-ThompsonAdamLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsOMEGA-EP Experiments Testing Laser Preheat and Fuel Magnetization at Conditions Relevant to MagLIF355MoMo.O.5.317:20
LoiseauPascalLaser and Beam Plasma InteractionsHigh-Power Laser-Plasma Interaction in Nanosecond Regimes "At A Glimpse" Using Proton Deflectometry262MoMo.O.5.417:40
HallGarethICF/Plasma DiagnosticsRecent Advances in X-Ray Diagnostic Capabilities at the National Ignition Facility388MoMo.O.6.116:40
IzumiNobuhikoICF/Plasma DiagnosticsMeasurement of Low-Mode Asymmetry of the Compressed Core with X-Ray and Neutron Self-Emission Imaging at the National Ignition Facility269MoMo.O.6.217:00
NagelSabrinaICF/Plasma DiagnosticsShape Observations Using DIXI, a 10 ps X-Ray Framing Camera, at the NIF240MoMo.O.6.317:20
SchollmeierMariusICF/Plasma Diagnostics2-20 keV X-Ray Imaging and Backlighting with Spherical Crystals192MoMo.O.6.417:40
MiquelJean-LucHigh Energy Laser Technology and Ignition FacilitiesLMJ & Petal Status and First Experiments324TuTu.P.18:10
BettiRiccardoCentral Ignition Target PhysicsAlpha Heating and Burning Plasmas in Inertial Confinement Fusion135TuTu.P.28:40
YonedaHitokiUltra-High Intensity Laser-Matter InteractionsUltra-Intense X-Ray Laser Matter Interaction with Hard X-Ray Free Electron Laser483TuTu.P.39:10
BaileyJimLaboratory AstrophysicsIron Opacity Measurements at Solar Interior Temperatures112TuTu.P.49:40
HinkelDeniseRadiation HydrodynamicsHigh Foot Implosions in Larger Hohlraums Filled with an Intermediate Gas Fill Density358TuTu.O.1.110:40
LeidingerJean-PierreRadiation HydrodynamicsNIF Rugby High Foot Campaign from the Design Side174TuTu.O.1.211:00
LanKeRadiation HydrodynamicsProgress on Octahedral Spherical Hohlraum Study109TuTu.O.1.311:20
Berzak HopkinsLauraRadiation HydrodynamicsExploring Symmetry Control in Near-Vacuum Hohlraums273TuTu.O.1.411:40
DonovanMichaelShort Pulse Laser Facilities/TechnologyImproved Pulse Contrast on the Texas Petawatt Laser370TuTu.O.2.110:40
BromageJakeShort Pulse Laser Facilities/TechnologyMTW-OPAL: A Technology Development Platform for Ultra-Intense Lasers and Applications115TuTu.O.2.211:00
BlanchotNathalieShort Pulse Laser Facilities/TechnologyOverview of Petal, the Multi-Petawatt Project in the LMJ Facility247TuTu.O.2.311:20
HermannMarkShort Pulse Laser Facilities/TechnologyCommissioning the Advanced Radiographic Capability Short Pulse High Energy Laser System on the National Ignition Facility226TuTu.O.2.411:40
BataniDimitriAlternative Target Physics (Fast Ignition, Shock Ignition, etc.)Shock Ignition Approach to ICF: Preliminary Experiments on European Lasers477TuTu.O.3.110:40
TheobaldWolfgangAlternative Target Physics (Fast Ignition, Shock Ignition, etc.)Gigabar Shocks for Shock-Ignition Fusion and High-Energy-Density Plasmas119TuTu.O.3.211:00
SlutzStephenAlternative Target Physics (Fast Ignition, Shock Ignition, etc.)Scaling Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion on Z and Future Machines228TuTu.O.3.311:20
SefkowAdamAlternative Target Physics (Fast Ignition, Shock Ignition, etc.)Comparison Between Simulations and Initial MagLIF Experiments431TuTu.O.3.411:40
SioHongCentral Ignition Target PhysicsMeasurements of X-Ray and Nuclear Shock-Bang Times in ICF Plasmas at OMEGA and the NIF448TuTu.O.4.113:30
Gatu JohnsonMariaCentral Ignition Target PhysicsSignatures of Non-Thermal Fuel Motion in the DT-Neutron Spectrum Measured at the National Ignition Facility384TuTu.O.4.213:50
AppelbeBrianCentral Ignition Target PhysicsIntegrated Modeling of Neutron Diagnostics in ICF132TuTu.O.4.314:10
ChittendenJeremyCentral Ignition Target PhysicsUnderstanding Signatures of Radiation Drive Capsule Assymetry in Neutron Spectra Predicted by 3D Radiation Hydrodynamics Simulations of Indirect Drive Implosions131TuTu.O.4.414:30
CelliersPeterEOS and Condensed Matter PhysicsShock Wave Equation of State Experiments at Multi-TPa Pressures on NIF440TuTu.O.5.113:30
BachmannBenjaminEOS and Condensed Matter PhysicsCompression of Matter to Petapascal Pressures231TuTu.O.5.213:50
HuSuxingEOS and Condensed Matter PhysicsFirst-Principles Studies on the Equation of State, Thermal Conductivity, and Opacity of Deuterium-Tritium and Polystyrene (CH) Under Extreme Conditions144TuTu.O.5.314:10
ParkHye-SookEOS and Condensed Matter PhysicsHigh Pressure, High Strain Rate Strength Experiments on NIF410TuTu.O.5.414:30
ShawJessicaStrong Field Science and ApplicationsBetatron Radiation from a Self-Modulated Laser-Wakefield Accelerator285TuTu.O.6.113:30
MimaKuniokiStrong Field Science and ApplicationsIntense Laser Driven Collision-Less Shock in Magnetized Target, Ion Accleration and Applications317TuTu.O.6.213:50
BardonMatthieuStrong Field Science and ApplicationsMitigation of Electromagnetic Pulse Generated in Short-Pulse Laser Experiments197TuTu.O.6.314:10
ChenLimingUltra-High Intensity Laser-Matter InteractionsGeneration of Target Surface Electron Bunch with Small Divergence and Energy Spread185TuTu.O.6.414:30
AdakAshishImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesExistence of Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in a Pair-Ion Plasma392TuTu.Po.214:50
CiricostaOrlandoImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesCretin Simulations of Hot-Spot Mix Spectroscopy in NIF Implosions159TuTu.Po.314:50
HainesBrianImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesDetailed 3D Simulations of OMEGA ICF Experiments with Separated Reactants168TuTu.Po.414:50
JoshiTirthaImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesHydrodynamic Stability and Ti- Tracer Distribution in OMEGA Direct-Drive Implosions407TuTu.Po.614:50
KarinoTakahiroImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesImplosion Uniformity Improvement of Fuel Target in Heavy Ion Fusion162TuTu.Po.714:50
KawataShigeoImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesUniform Fuel Target Implosion in Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion105TuTu.Po.814:50
KhanManoranjanImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesEvolution of Rayleigh Taylor Instability in High Power Laser Irradiated Target in Presence of Magnetic Field and Compressibility152TuTu.Po.914:50
KuranzCarolynImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesHydrodynamic Instability Experiments on the OMEGA EP Laser469TuTu.Po.1014:50
KwanThomasImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesSimulation and Assessment of Kinetic Effects in a Direct-Drive Capsule Implosion Experiment439TuTu.Po.1114:50
LandenOttoImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesICF Capsule Implosion Scalings and Sensitivities256TuTu.Po.1214:50
PeraltaPedroImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesFeedthru of Rippled Shocks from Ablatively-Driven Richtmyer-Meshkov in Metals Accounting for Material Strength154TuTu.Po.1314:50
MacLarenSteveImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesBehavior of Gas-Ablator Interface Mixing vs. Convergence Ratio in a 1-D Implosion Platform200TuTu.Po.1414:50
MandalLabakantaImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesEffect of Viscosity and Surface Tension on the Growth of Magneto Rayleigh-Taylor Instability Induced by Laser at Two Fluid Interface153TuTu.Po.1514:50
McGlincheyKristopherImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesThe Effect of Hydrodynamic Instabilities on the Performance of an Indirect Drive Capsule Implosion177TuTu.Po.1714:50
MerrittElizabethImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesAnalysis of Shear Layer Complex Structure Growth in the OMEGA Counter-Propagating Shear Experiment274TuTu.Po.1814:50
ModestovMikhailImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesEvolution of the Magnetic Field Originated from the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability441TuTu.Po.1914:50
MurphyThomasImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesProgress in the Development of the Marble Platform for Studying Thermonuclear Burn in the Presence of Heterogeneous Mix on OMEGA and the National Ignition Facility396TuTu.Po.2014:50
NiasseNicolasImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesMulti-Group Radiation Transport in the Ablation Phase of ICF Capsules139TuTu.Po.2114:50
PhilippeFranckImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesHydrodynamic Instability Growth Measurements for Indirectly-Driven Spherical Shells on OMEGA224TuTu.Po.2214:50
SacksRyanImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesProposed Pushered Single Shell Capsule Designs for the Investigation of High Z Mix on the National Ignition Facility244TuTu.Po.2314:50
ShirotoTakashiImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesHigh-Density Implosion via Suppression of Rayleigh-Taylor Instability369TuTu.Po.2414:50
SrinivasanBhuvanaImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesMulti-Fluid Simulations for Inertial Confinement Fusion406TuTu.Po.2514:50
YiAustinImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesHydrodynamic Stability of Beryllium Implosion Experiments at the National Ignition Facility378TuTu.Po.2714:50
CollinsTimothyRadiation HydrodynamicsDesign Options for Polar-Direct-Drive Targets: From Alpha Heating to Ignition166TuTu.Po.2914:50
DivolLaurentRadiation HydrodynamicsThe Diamond Implosion Campaign on the National Ignition Facility275TuTu.Po.3114:50
EderDavidRadiation HydrodynamicsSimulations of Symcap and Layered NIF Experiments with Top/Bottom Laser Asymmetry to Impose P1 Drive on Capsules435TuTu.Po.3214:50
FaikSteffenRadiation HydrodynamicsNew Laser Energy Deposition Algorithm for the Radiation-Hydrodynamics Code RALEF-2D175TuTu.Po.3314:50
HuangYunbaoRadiation HydrodynamicsThe Shape Optimization for the Hohlraum with Octahedral 6 LEHS Based an a Novel Free-Form Representation330TuTu.Po.3414:50
JiangShaoenRadiation HydrodynamicsCompressive Asymmetry Evaluation for M-Band Radiation Generated from the Interaction of High Energy Laser and the Hohlraum294TuTu.Po.3514:50
KyralaGeorgeRadiation HydrodynamicsSymmetry of Beryllium Capsule Implosion at the National Ignition Facility353TuTu.Po.3614:50
LiHangRadiation HydrodynamicsObservation of Hydrodynamic Processes of Radiation-Ablated Plasma in a Small Hole219TuTu.Po.3714:50
LiHangRadiation HydrodynamicsObservation of Indirect-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosion Asymmetry on the Shenguang III Prototype Laser Facility173TuTu.Po.3814:50
LiuJieRadiation HydrodynamicsSensitivity Study of the Octahedral Spherical Hohlraum to Random Errors141TuTu.Po.3914:50
OhnishiNaofumiRadiation HydrodynamicsRadiation Magneto-Hydrodynamics Simulations of Laser Ablation Plasma from Locally Heated Target452TuTu.Po.4014:50
RaffestinDidierRadiation Hydrodynamics"Debussy" Orion Campaign: Observations and Numerical Simulations of Target Shrapnels Originating from Laser Experiments106TuTu.Po.4114:50
SalmonsonJayRadiation HydrodynamicsAn Essentially Round Capsule Implosion: Recent Results from the Two-Shock, Near-Vacuum Hohlraum, Plastic Capsule Implosion Experimental Platform on NIF189TuTu.Po.4214:50
SchneiderMarilynRadiation HydrodynamicsThe Structure of the Laser Entrance Hole in NIF Gas-Filled Ignition Holraums268TuTu.Po.4314:50
ScottRobbieRadiation HydrodynamicsRe-Visiting Low Foot X-Ray Driven ICF Implosions321TuTu.Po.4414:50
StrozziDavidRadiation HydrodynamicsIgnition Hohlraum Simulations with Imposed Magnetic Field, and Effect on Hot Electrons394TuTu.Po.4514:50
WilksScottRadiation HydrodynamicsSimulating Proton Radiographic Images of Hohlraums472TuTu.Po.4614:50
ZhangHuasenRadiation HydrodynamicsInvestigating the Hohlraum Radiation Properties through the Angular Distribution of the Radiation Temperature290TuTu.Po.4714:50
ZhengJianRadiation HydrodynamicsEvolution of Electron Temperature of Gas Target Irradiated with 527nm Laser Pulse in the Presence of a Magnetic Field465TuTu.Po.4814:50
RalphJoeRadiation HydrodynamicsHigh Foot Implosion Experiments In Rugby Hohlraums485TuTu.Po.4914:50
CochranGinevraUltra-High Intensity Laser-Matter InteractionsTimestep Criterion for PIC Simulation of Relativistic Electron Acceleration in a High-Intensity Laser Field450TuTu.Po.5014:50
FengWuUltra-High Intensity Laser-Matter InteractionsRelativistic Bright Soliton Formation in Laser Magnetized Plasma Interactions306TuTu.Po.5214:50
GattamrajuRavindra KumarUltra-High Intensity Laser-Matter InteractionsIntense Laser-Solid Interaction: Absorption at High Laser Intensity Contrast416TuTu.Po.5414:50
IwataNatsumiUltra-High Intensity Laser-Matter InteractionsEffect of Radiation Reaction in Ultrahigh-Intensity Laser Interaction with Cluster Mediums322TuTu.Po.5514:50
MikhailovaJuliaUltra-High Intensity Laser-Matter InteractionsAn Optimal Waveform and the Efficiency Limit for Laser-Driven Coherent Synchrotron-Type Emission from Solids470TuTu.Po.5714:50
NakamuraTatsufumiUltra-High Intensity Laser-Matter InteractionsTransport of Laser-Driven Gamma-Rays in Ultra-Intense Laser-Matter Interactions193TuTu.Po.5814:50
NilsonPhilipUltra-High Intensity Laser-Matter InteractionsStreaked X-Ray Imaging of Ultrafast Ionization Waves Inside a Metal180TuTu.Po.5914:50
SarkarDeepUltra-High Intensity Laser-Matter InteractionsEfficient Hard X-Ray Generation in an Interaction of Intense, Ultrashort Laser with Metal Nano-Coated Dielectric Target415TuTu.Po.6014:50
ShaikhMoniruzzamanUltra-High Intensity Laser-Matter InteractionsControl on Femtosecond Laser-Driven Shock in Hot Dense Plasma237TuTu.Po.6114:50
ShenBaifeiUltra-High Intensity Laser-Matter InteractionsHigh Angular Momentum Density Physics Driven by High-Intensity Lasers386TuTu.Po.6214:50
ShiYinUltra-High Intensity Laser-Matter InteractionsLight Fan Driven by Relativistic Laser Pulse121TuTu.Po.6314:50
TurrellArthurUltra-High Intensity Laser-Matter InteractionsUltra-Fast Collisional Ion Heating by Electrostatic Shocks216TuTu.Po.6414:50
MileyGeorgeUltra-High Intensity Laser-Matter InteractionsReactor For Boron Fusion With Picosecond Ultrahigh Power Laser Pulses And Ultrahigh Magnetic Field Trapping486TuTu.Po.6514:50
DongQuanliLaboratory AstrophysicsVortex and Turbulence Generated by Shocks in Two Counter Streaming Laser Plasmas167TuTu.Po.6614:50
DrakeR. PaulLaboratory AstrophysicsIonization Fronts in Astrophysics and the Laboratory341TuTu.Po.6714:50
GoyonClementLaboratory AstrophysicsLaboratory-Produced X-Ray Photoionized Plasmas for Astrophysics Exploration210TuTu.Po.6914:50
HaraYukikoLaboratory AstrophysicsStudies of Laser-Produced Electrostatic Collisionless Shock Using Collective Thomson Scattering Ion-Term Measurement343TuTu.Po.7014:50
LockardThomasLaboratory AstrophysicsAtomic Kinetics and Heating of a Neon Photoionized Plasma Experiment at Z371TuTu.Po.7114:50
ManuelMarioLaboratory AstrophysicsResults from Magnetized Plasma-Jet Experiments Executed at the Trident Laser Facility184TuTu.Po.7214:50
MoritaTaichiLaboratory AstrophysicsModel Experiment of a Magnetic Thrust Chamber System for Laser Fusion Rocket331TuTu.Po.7314:50
TakezakiTaichiLaboratory AstrophysicsExperimental and Numerical Studies on Plasma Behavior Flowing Across Perpendicular Magnetic Field333TuTu.Po.7614:50
WangFeiluLaboratory AstrophysicsModeling Iron Plasma in Non-local Thermodynamic Equilibrium Using the Flexible Atomic Code Data151TuTu.Po.7714:50
CasnerAlexisImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesExperimental Evidence of a Bubble-Merger Regime for the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability at the Ablation Front278TuTu.O.7.116:40
HohenbergerMatthiasImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesHydrodynamic Instability Growth in Polar-Direct-Drive Implosions at the National Ignition Facility182TuTu.O.7.217:00
KaganGrigoryImplosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-InstabilitiesKinetic Effects in Inertial Confinement Fusion308TuTu.O.7.317:20
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