Student Prizes

We are happy to announce that the Student Prizes recognition that was started at IFSA 2013 in Nara will continue at IFSA 2015. The purpose of these prizes is to encourage and promote young, talented students in subjects covered by IFSA.


  • Must have been a student at the time the abstract was submitted
  • Must be the first author on the abstract
  • Must attend IFSA 2015 and make the presentation


  • Everyone registered as “Student” will be automatically entered
  • Recent graduates who were students at the time their abstracts were submitted may also enter by contacting the prior to the start of the conference. Please provide your educational institution and date of degree


  • Presentations will be judged by a committee established by the Technical Program Co-chairs
  • The criteria are 1) quality of the work, 2) originality and 3) presentation skill


  • Prizes will be awarded in each of the three major IFSA categories: 1) Physics of Inertial Fusion, 2) Lasers, Particle Beams, Fusion Technology, and 3) High Energy Density Physics & Applications.
  • Each winner will receive $100 US and a Certificate
  • Prizes to be announced and presented at the closing session